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Nucleus Rev 2021

Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty


NuCLEUS™ and NuCLEUS-X™catheters feature an innovative balloon designed with a waist formed in the middle of the balloon to facilitate positive positioning while holding the balloon in the correct location prior to and during inflation. The NuCLEUS-X™ catheter features a braided inner tubing which provides high inner lumen strength for increased pushability. Upon reaching a specified pressure, the waist will expand between 90% to almost 100% of the rated balloon diameter. The NuCLEUS™ and NuCLEUS-X™ catheters are indicated for PTV of the mitral and aortic valves. The NuCLEUS™ is available in diameters ranging from 10.0-30.0mm and lengths of 3.0-6.0cm, and the NuCLEUS-X™ is available in diameters ranging from 18.0-30.0mm and lengths of 4.0-6.0cm.


PTA, Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty


Mullins-X™ catheters were developed in collaboration with Dr. Chuck Mullins and are an ultra high pressure dilatation balloon catheter.  The catheters are designed for use in indications requiring extremely high pressures.  The Mullins-X™ is available in a range of diameters (12.0-25.0mm) and lengths (3.0-4.0cm).


Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty


TYSHAK® balloon catheters were designed in collaboration with Prof Mike Tynan and Prof Shakeel Qureshi.  They are designed with a low profile that delivers high performance. Manufactured from a micro-thin, non-compliant balloon material, these innovative balloon catheters require small introducers. The reduced sheath size helps minimize vessel trauma and entry-site complications. A short, flexible distal tip provides superior maneuverability. With well-defined shoulders and balloon tapers, TYSHAK® catheters glide easily through smaller and difficult-to-negotiate vessels. They are available in a range of diameters (2.0-30.0mm) and lengths (1.0-10.0cm). 

Z-Med II_Z-Med

Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty


Z-MED™ high pressure balloon catheters were designed in collaboration with Dr. Ziyad Hijazi. The Z-MED™ catheters are suitable for percutaneous transluminal valvuloplasty (PTV) and pre-dilatation in transcatheter heart-valve replacement procedures. They feature high rated burst pressures suitable for resistant stenosis and have rapid inflation and deflation times to minimize procedure time and maximize reperfusion.  

Short, flexible distal tips with short balloon tapers aid maneuverability and trackability through tortuous anatomy.  They are available in a wide range of balloon diameters (2.0-40.0mm) and lengths (2.0-10cm).

Z-MED™ catheters are available through your local distributor.



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