1. Who is my local distributor?

    NuMED products are distributed to over 100 countries around the world.  Your local distributor can be found under Our Distributors. Select your respective country and your distributor contact information will be listed.
  2. I’m a US-based interventionalist, how do I order NuMED products?

    B. Braun Interventional Systems (BIS) is the sole distributor of the NuMED product portfolio in the US. BIS customer service can be reached at 1-877-836-2228.
  3. I have a new product design idea, who do I contact at NuMED to discuss the concept?

    NuMED collaborates with interventionalists around the world to develop innovative new products to solve some of the most complex clinical challenges. Ted Dominy leads the R&D group at NuMED.  His contact information and a concept submission form can be found on our website under Resources and Research and Development
  4. Who do I contact if I have a product incident to report?

    A product incident report form can be found here.
  5. Do any NuMED products contain Latex?

    NuMED products are not made with natural rubber latex.
  6. What are the primary differences between the Z-MED™ and TYSHAK® balloon catheter product lines?
    The Z-MED™ line of catheter features a high rated burst pressure suitable for resistant stenosis, the TYSHAK® line is designed with a low profile allowing for a smaller introducer.  All NuMED balloon catheters are designed to have rapid inflation and deflation times.
  7. Does NuMED manufacture an Atrioseptostomy catheter? 

    NuMED manufactures the Z-5™ Atrioseptostomy Balloon Catheter. The Z-5™ Atrioseptostomy Balloon Catheter is available in 9.5mm and 13.5mm diameters and is the only Atrioseptostomy Catheter currently on the market that can accommodate a guidewire.
  8. What is your most commonly used high-pressure PTV balloon catheter?
    The most commonly used high-pressure PTV balloon catheter is the Z-MED II™.
  9. What is the largest diameter balloon catheter NuMED manufactures?

    The Z-MED™ PTV balloon catheter is available in diameters up to 40mm.  NuMED also makes the PTS®/PTS-X™ sizing balloon catheters which are also available up to 40mm.
  10. What is the NuCLEUS™ line of balloon catheters?

    The NuCLEUS™ catheter is a PTV balloon catheter designed with a waist in the middle of the balloon.  The initial inflation facilitates correct positioning while holding the balloon in the correct location prior to, and during, inflation.
  11. Are NuMED PTV Balloon Catheters made of compliant, semi-compliant, or non-compliant materials?

    All NuMED PTV balloon catheters are made of non-compliant materials.
  12. Is the CP Stent® self-expanding or balloon-expandable?

    The NuMED CP Stent® is balloon expandable. 
  13. What is the CP Stent® approved for?

    The Covered CP Stent™, Covered Mounted CP Stent™ and the NuDEL™ are the only Class III stents approved for use in the Coarctation of the Aorta and RVOT conduit disruptions.  The CP Stent® and Mounted CP Stent™ are approved for use in the Coarctation of the Aorta.
  14. What is the available size range of the CP Stent® line?

    The CP Stent® is available as a bare and covered stent, premounted on a BIB® catheter, and as an all-in-one covered stent delivery system (NuDEL™). The 8 zig design is available in 1.6cm-6cm lengths which can be dilated up to 24mm in diameter. The 10 zig design is available in 3.9cm-6cm lengths and these can be dilated to 30mm in diameter.
  15. What do you use to expand the CP Stent®?

    The BIB®(Balloon in Balloon) is used to implant the CP Stent® in a two-stage implantation process.  When the inner balloon is inflated, the stent expansion begins from the center of the stent.  The stent is firmly gripped by the balloon to allow for fine positioning before the final expansion by inflating the outer balloon. The BIB® is indicated for stent placement.
  16. Is the NuMED CP Stent MRI compatible?

    Non-clinical testing has demonstrated that the CP Stent® is MR conditional. It can be scanned safely under a static magnetic field of less than or equal to 3.0 Tesla. For further information please see appropriate IFU.


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