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The Z-6™ leverages the same proven materials used in construction of the Z-5™. Product enhancements for the Z-6™ Atrioseptostomy catheter were made based on input from interventional pediatric cardiologists. Enhancements include a short distal tip for easier insertion through the septum and improved rewrapping allowing for easier removal into the introducer.

Unique Benefits

The Z-6™ features a non-compliant balloon that maintains its shape during pullback. The tip of the catheter is angled at 35 degrees to facilitate passage into the left atrium and is closer to the balloon than that of the Z-5™.  The Z-6™ catheter has a short distal tip for improved balloon rewrapping. The catheter body is radiopaque to facilitate reliable positioning of the catheter.  The smaller 9.5mm inflated balloon size makes atrioseptostomy easier to perform on neonates with a small left atrium. 9.5mm and 13.5mm balloon diameters are available on a 5F shaft. 

The catheter body is Polymeric, DEHP-free, and not made with natural rubber latex. The balloon is a thermoplastic elastomer (non-compliant), DEHP-free, and not made with natural rubber latex.


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