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Multi-Track™ Angiographic Catheter

Multi-Track™ angiographic catheters utilize a unique concept of guidewire location to increase flow rate and maneuverability of the catheters.  Made from radiopaque materials, the catheters are easily placed and can be used in conjunction with different types of interventional catheters.  Multi-Track™ is available in 3.0-6.0 FR shaft sizes and either 80cm or 100cm usable lengths.  The flow rates range from 4-25 ml/sec with a maximum injection pressure of 1000 PSI.

Unique Benefits

The innovative offset distal tip passes over the wire, leaving the Multi-Track™ catheter shaft free for infusion of contrast media or for obtaining pressure measurements.   This allows the guidewire to remain in position throughout the procedure.  The catheter provides high quality angiography during diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization.  

The catheter body is Polymeric, DEHP-free, and not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Maximum Injection (PSI):  1000
    Flow rate (ml/sec):  4.0-25
    Introducer size (FR):  5-8 
    Shaft Size (FR):  3.0-6.0
    Indication:  Recommended for use in catheterization for angiography of cardiovascular vessels and/or chambers.  It can be used for injection of contrast medium and pressure measurement in any chamber or vessel.

    Multi-Track™ IFUs:

    US: IFU-310B
    CANADA: RM0344-17

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Balloon Diameter (mm) Balloon Length (cm) Introducer (FR) Shaft Size (FR) Usable Length (cm) Guide Wire (inches) Maximum Injection Pressure (PSI) Flow Rate (ml/sec) Catalog Number Product
0.0 0.00 5 3.0 80 0.025 1000 5.5 MMTA0380 MTAE
0.0 0.00 5 3.0 100 0.025 1000 4.0 MMTA03100 MTAE
0.0 0.00 6 4.0 80 0.035 1000 13.0 MMTA0480 MTAE
0.0 0.00 6 4.0 100 0.035 1000 11.0 MMTA04100 MTAE
0.0 0.00 7 5.0 80 0.035 1000 22.0 MMTA0580 MTAE
0.0 0.00 7 5.0 100 0.035 1000 20.0 MMTA05100 MTAE
0.0 0.00 8 6.0 100 0.035 1000 25.0 MMTA06100 MTAE


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