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D’VILL™ Long-Length Kink Resistant Introducer

The D’VILL™ is a long-length, kink resistant introducer designed for the safe and effective introduction of large diameter interventional devices.  The D’VILL™ set includes one braided sheath with a radiopaque marker band, and a dilator compatible with an 0.035” guidewire.  Available in 12 FR and 14 FR sizes with 30 cm, 65 cm and 85 cm usable lengths.  Compatible with the CP Stent® family of products and BIB® catheters.

Unique Benefits of the D’VILL™ Introducer

The D’VILL™ is made of a next-generation braided material for optimal flexibility and kink resistance.  The distal 20 cm is more flexible allowing for smooth delivery of devices even in complex anatomy.  A radiopaque image band provides improved visibility and helps ensure accurate device delivery.  The advanced hemostasis valve minimizes blood loss, and a side port with 3-way stopcock allows for convenient flushing.

Specifications, Instructions for Use, and Forms

Usable Sheath Lengths (cm):  30, 65 and 85 
Distal Tip Image Band:  Platinum/iridium
Sheath Body:  Two stage braided nylon (distal 20cm has additional flexibility)
Indication:  Recommended for the introduction of balloons, catheters and other diagnostic and interventional devices

US: IFU-700B
CANADA (Sterile): RM0344-71B
INTERNATIONAL (Sterile): RM0344-71B

Post Market Surveillance Form

Balloon Diameter (mm) Balloon Length (cm) Introducer (FR) Shaft Size (FR) Usable Length (cm) Guide Wire (inches) Rated Burst Pressure (ATM) Maximum Volume (cc) Catalog Number Product
0.0 0.00 12 0.0 30 0.035 0.0 DV1230 DVILL
0.0 0.00 12 0.0 65 0.035 0.0 DV1265 DVILL
0.0 0.00 12 0.0 85 0.035 0.0 DV1285 DVILL
0.0 0.00 14 0.0 30 0.035 0.0 DV1430 DVILL
0.0 0.00 14 0.0 65 0.035 0.0 DV1465 DVILL
0.0 0.00 14 0.0 85 0.035 0.0 DV1485 DVILL


All products are subject to individual country regulations in regards to the importation and/or sale of these products. Refer to Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.


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