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The Tearduct™ catheter is a tipless balloon catheter that uses an inverted balloon design at the distal tip.  The coaxial shaft design provides enhanced trackability and pushability allowing for effective treatment of obstructions in the nasolacrimal duct system.  The Tearduct™ is available with a 3.0mm wide, 2.0cm long balloon with a rated burst pressure of 14ATM.

The Tearduct™ features a 100% tipless balloon catheter that reduces the risk of vessel trauma.  A platinum image band is placed under the distal tip of the balloon for clear identification under fluoroscopy.  

The catheter body is Polymeric, DEHP-free, and not made with natural rubber latex. The balloon is a thermoplastic elastomer; non-compliant - which will not exceed +/- 10% of the labeled balloon size at RBP, is DEHP-free, and not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Balloon Diameter (mm):  3.0
    Balloon Length (cm):  2.0
    Rated Burst Pressure (ATM): 14 
    Shaft Size (FR):  3.5
    Usable Catheter Length (cm):  20
    Indication:  Epiphora, Obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct system

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Balloon Diameter (mm) Balloon Length (cm) Introducer (FR) Shaft Size (FR) Usable Length (cm) Guide Wire (inches) Rated Burst Pressure (ATM) Maximum Volume (cc) Catalog Number Product
3.0 2.00 0 3.5 20 0.018 14.0 TD100 TEARDUCT


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